Clem Season 7: Episode 5 Tonight is already the end on TF1!

Cinema 30 January, 2017

While Episode 5 of Season 7 of Clem will mark the end of this new chapter, return on the events that will rhythm “My mother-in-law is called Clem”!
Will Clem succeed in coping with Charlotte? And yes the meltynauts, the last episode will be largely focused on the strained relationships that will unite Clem and her daughter-in-law. It must be said that Charlotte was very clear, she did not intend to make things easy for the young couple. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to you to discover what we could expect for the pair formed by Adrian and Alyzée in the last episode of season 7 of Clem , back in detail on the main events marking “My mother s ‘Clem called ” broadcast this evening on TF1 . First of all, know that Salome will be determined to raise enough money to join Dimitri and especially Ben in Bolivia. Very loving, the young woman wants to make sure that their couple can survive the distance. However, not sure that Caro really agrees. For his part, Adrian will receive the latest results on the tumor and take a radical decision about his family .
Will the beautiful Alyzée be willing to spend her life at her side? Meanwhile, Clem and Stéphane will find it hard to keep their story alive. Constantly in provocation, Charlotte will do her best to destroy the couple and will not hesitate to attack Valentin and Emma to achieve it. Will Stephan see his daughter’s sneaky game or will she take her side? For its part, Caro discover the dark secret of Christophe and will do everything in its power to help . The opportunity to close this season on a positive note. One thing is certain, the series will be missed a lot. Pending more information, watch with me the day … Clem became inescapable on TF1. Are you looking forward to the last episode of the season?