Clem season 7: Rayane Bensetti (Dimitri), Benoit Michel (Jerome) … they all leave the series!

Cinema 13 January, 2017

While Clem Season 7 is currently in full swing on TF1, some of our favorite actors will soon leave the series for good!

We’re going to miss you! And yes meltynautes, while we look forward to discovering a new episode every week Clem, some of our favorite characters will unfortunately leave the family series of TF1 at the end of his seventh chapter. A decision that will break the heart of all the most unconditional fans who never miss the slightest broadcast of their favorite series. While the editorial ‘of melty wondered if this was the beginning of a beautiful love story between Ben and Salome in season 7 of Clem , know that Benoît Michel (Jerome) has indeed left the show. Desiring to devote to new projects, the actor is likely to continue to shine on our small screens . After his remarkable appearance in the saga carried by Laetitia Milot, The Vengeance with the Clear Eyes, no doubt that Benoît Michel will make talk of him again. But he is not the only one who wants to sail to other horizons!
It is also the case of the beautiful and talented Rayane Bensetti who recently admitted that he had made the tour of his character. If Dimitri is going to miss a lot, we are convinced that the winner of the fifth season of Danse avec Les Stars will enchant us for a long time on our small screen. Finally, this is Kevin Elarbi who recently announced that season 7 of Clem would be his last . A news that has something to upset us since the character of Hicham was by far the funniest. Fortunately, we can find him on Gulli where he has been running for several years. One thing is for sure, we will never forget them. Pending further information, find out who will be the new love in season 7 Clem Clem on melty. Will they miss you?