Clem season 7: Top 5 best times of the season!

Cinema 6 February, 2017

While Clem’s Season 7 ended recently on TF1, let’s get back to the five best moments of this chapter simply detonating!
Clem, it’s over! And yes meltynautes, after five weeks of broadcast, the seventh season of the series of family TF1 ended with the chain. Between love, mystery and twists, this chapter had enough to make us spend good times. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the secrets of Agustin Galiana about his character in season 8 of Clem , back on the five best moments of Clem!
The wedding Adrian / Alyzee
And yes, after two seasons to love each other, the two lovers finally said yes during a ceremony that almost did not take place. Indeed, Alyzée was so frightened projects her future husband that she preferred to postpone the wedding . A moment as funny as moving and which concluded marvelously this seventh season of the adventures of our heroes. But then, how will their love relationship evolve next year?
Stephane’s statement to Clem
If the divorce of Clem and Jerome was very painful, the beautiful brunette quickly regained love in the arms of Stéphane. And we will not lie, love the pretty doctor’s statement was enough to make us shudder . Between “I thought I would never fall back in love. And what has changed? I met you.” The “I think about you all the time […] when you’re ready, I’ll be there, I expect you” or “When you smile, I can no longer think!” Romanticism was there!
The performance of Victoria Abril during Caroline’s burnout
We already knew the talent of the magnificent Victoria Abril but the burnout of Caro was the opportunity to rediscover it with an undisguised enthusiasm. Touching , genuine, exceptional, Victoria Abril was able to convey the emotions of his character brilliantly managing to move us as ever. Henceforth cured, hope that the new season will be sweet with the mother of the family.
The change of look of Marie-France
Since the first season, Marie-France has had that distinguished and rigid side which has never been denied. And what was our surprise in discovering the completely revamped hoping to regain his Michel . Funny and downright stylish in her new outfit, the change of look of Marie-France was one of the highlights of this seventh season. A way to breathe fresh air into episodes!
The Thunderbolt of Salome and Ben
If the love life of Clem has always been particularly well exploited, it was one of the first times that beautiful Salome had the right to live a wonderful love story. And it must be said that the thunderbolt was immediate squarely between Ben and Salome so that the young woman did not hesitate for a second before leaving for Bolivia to join . That’s all for our top! Meanwhile more info, see if you followed the season 7 Clem on melty. What are your favorite moments of Season 7 of Clem?