Clem Season 7: Will Clem save her marriage next week on TF1?

Cinema 3 January, 2017

While Clem’s Season 7 has just been launched on TF1, will Clem save her marriage next week?
A condemned marriage? And yes the meltynauts, things are far from perfect between Clem and Jerome. Since they moved to the countryside, nothing is going well and after several trials, they are more cold than ever. While the editorial ‘of melty announced that Dimitri (rayane bensetti) would be in great danger this evening on TF1 , back in detail what awaits us next week in season 7 Clem. And the least we can say is that our heroine has never seemed further from her husband . And his complicity more and more omnipresent with the neighbor will not help. Determined to make progress, the young woman will speak of separation, which will make Jérôme completely mad and cause him to commit unworthy acts driven by the harmful words of his father, Max. Will their marriage survive all these stories?
Meanwhile, Caroline will embark on her new passion: cooking. Thus, Marie-France will advise him to do an internship alongside a renowned chef. The opportunity to see the pretty mother fight to realize her dreams. But it will also be time for the beautiful Salome to find love since crack for the new colleague Dimitri pizzeria . Will the young person accept this new idyll? One thing is certain, we are terribly eager to see the further adventures of the family favorite of viewers of TF1 . Pending more information, find out if you are ready for the season 7 Clem on melty. Do you want Clem and Jerome to reconcile?