Clem season 8: Adrian and Alyzee, broadcast date, a season 9, Agustin Galiana says it all! (EXCLUDED)

Cinema 4 July, 2017

While Clem’s season 8 is currently filming, Agustin Galiana took advantage of his visit to the Monte-Carlo Festival to confide in excluded.

A lot of crunchy info! Yes, the meltynauts, the seventh chapter of the adventures of Clem ended at the very end of January so to say a real eternity for all the fans of the first hour. While the editor of melty proposed to you to discover the last live information of the shooting of the season 8 of Clem, we had the chance to talk excluded with Agustin Galiana during the Festival of Monte Carlo. And the least that can be said is that the Spanish actor teases the drama to come for Adrian and Alyzée: “We are going to see Alyzée and Adrian with a dramatic side. They work very well both but it goes I think it’s the strong couple, it’s the strong couple of Clem, they can not separate them, they’re going to have a little time when they’re going to have a distance to each other. Will have two different ways of thinking. ” But then, what is the craziest thing that could happen to Adrian this season? “The craziest thing would be that he dies but I would not, of course. In any case, Adrian will be tempted to look for his origins.”

And no panic, after the departures of Rayane Bensetti, Benoît Michel and Kevin Elarbi, Agustin Galiana remains faithful to Clem: “For now, I remain the whole season that we will also shoot in three times. Once in July, another in October and then in January. ” Can we expect a ninth season? “We do not know, it’s going to depend on the audiences, the reception of the public, the season is very beautiful, it is starting very strongly, and we are going to touch some beautiful themes that nobody has treated for now. Affects people because we deal with subjects of everyday life. ” Finally, does the interpreter of Adrian have particular wishes for his character? “I would like to do a bit of comedy because I had a lot of drama last year. It works but I would like to show my comic side.” While waiting for more info, continue voting every day for your show to allow him to win the 2017 World Cup.