Clem season 8: Departure of Lucie Lucas, the new intrigues, … a producer confides!

Cinema 28 February, 2017

While Clem’s season 8 is very much anticipated by the fans, Rose Brandford Griffith took the time to confide in the rumors and new plots in an interview with Le Figaro.
Everything is fine ? And yes the meltynauts, a few months ago, we were very worried since the heroine of the family series of TF1 seemed exhausted and want to sail to new horizons. If the beautiful Lucie Lucas recently put an end to the rumors by revealing that she would be present during the eighth season , we clearly had cold sweats. While Melty ‘s editing team offered to discover Raphaëlle Amar’ s confidences about her career in Clem ‘s Season 8 , Rose Brand Griffith, a producer of the series, took the time to confide in an interview With the site Le Figaro. And she wanted to reassure us once and for all: ” Lucie Lucas was tired when she expressed this doubt. This year, she shot a TV movie, a feature film, and she had just spent five months on the set of Clem. But since then she has rested, we have discussed and she has committed to continue the adventure well beyond the eighth season, if the public continues to follow us. ”
And in view of the seventh season audiences and the new record set, there is no reason for the series carried by Lucie Lucas and Victoria Abril does not continue to make us vibrate for a long time. But then, how do screenwriters always find new intrigues? “The challenge for the screenwriters is to deal with everyday problems concerning families, without falling into the dark and societal fact, for example, Dimitri’s story, which opens the seventh season: Those pre-school students who take medication to concentrate and those young people who, under the pressure of their parents, even benevolent, do studies that do not suit them, but we put lightness and humor to defuse the Pathos. ” One thing is certain, We are eager to discover the adventures of our favorite characters on TF1 . While waiting for more information, discover the confidences of Benoît Michel about his departure of the season 7 of Clem on melty. What do you think of these confidences?