Clem season 8: Departure of the series, divorce, Stephane, … Lucie Lucas confides on the sequel!

Cinema 4 February, 2017

While the season 8 of Clem is much awaited by the fans of the series, Lucie Lucas took advantage of an interview with the site Le Figaro to confide in a very eventful season!
Does Lucie Lucas have enough of turning in Clem? And yes meltynautes, even as three emblematic actors of the series decided to leave the family series of TF1, rumors began to circulate about the possibility of seeing the talented Lucie Lucas fly, too, to new horizons . But do not panic ! The young actress has reassured his fans in an interview with the website Le Figaro : “Just a word that snowballed … I really turned into effect in 2017, Clem, of course, and three Movies and TV movies.When I told myself that I was finally going to blow, seeing my daughters a little more often, I was told that the broadcast of Clem was advanced, and so the promotion too. short! I talked about fatigue and everything turned … But hopefully, I took a vacation in Venice, is a spa … ” But that’s not all because Lucie Lucas is back on divorce Clem and Jerome : “what is interesting, in the failure of this couple is that it shows that love is not always enough How can we live together if there is not the same. Life projects? ”
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But then, do Stephane and Clem have a future together? “It is more posed, more mature, it assumes financially and understands it, but it has a teen not easy, which also raises the somewhat taboo problem of the recomposed families It is not enough that two beings love each other For their children to accept and agree. ” Finally, know that Lucie Lucas proposed some ideas to the writers for the next season of Clem: “I will not tell you why and what will be in next season.” That’s what we water in our mouths. But then, how will the relationship of Clem and his new lover evolve? Will Caroline manage to stop Salome before she takes a plane to Bolivia? We’ll have to wait to find out . Pending more information, here are 3 things we want to see in Season 8 of Clem on melty. What do you think of Lucie Lucas’s confidences?