Clem season 8: Departures, number of episodes, shooting date, … Everything you already know!

Cinema 2 February, 2017

While Clem’s Season 8 should not be launched until spring 2018, let’s get back to everything we already know about this new chapter!
Let’s take stock! And yes meltynautes since the end of the seventh season of Clem, we are already eager to see the new episodes of the series Family of TF1 . While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover if you have followed the season 7 of Clem , back on everything we already know about the upcoming season. First of all, know that season 8 has been writing for several months. The first channel is therefore extremely confident in the series carried by Lucie Lucas and Victoria Abril since it did not even wait to know the audiences of season 7 before ordering a new burst of episodes. According to the official instagram account of Elodie Fontan (Alyzée), the shooting should be launched as early as May. The opportunity for the fans to discover photos of shooting but also the actors who will have decided to replenish for this eighth chapter. So, we are not immune to seeing other emblematic characters from the series go away.
If Rayane Bensetti (Dimitri), Benoît Michel (Jérôme) and Kevin Elarbi (Hicham) announced their departure recently, will other players decide to sail to other horizons? On the other hand, the new season should also consist of ten episodes aired two per night. One thing is certain, hearings are set fair for the series since it attracted an average 5.4 million viewers every Monday night . Enough to comfort us in the idea that Clem still has good days ahead. But then, how will the relationship between Clem and Stéphane evolve? Will Salomé succeed in reaching Ben in Bolivia? Will Alyzée agree to give Adrian another child? We are eager to have answers to our questions. Pending more information, see when will be released the next episodes of season 8 Clem on melty. Are you eager to discover the sequel to Clem?