Clem Season 8: His character, the marriage of Adrian and Alyzée, anecdotes, … Agustin Galiana tells us everything!

Cinema 5 February, 2017

While Clem’s season 8 is highly anticipated by the fans, the talented Agustin Galiana took advantage of an interview with the site myTF1 to come back on the future of his character!
A fan favorite character! And yes the meltynauts, since its arrival in the family series of TF1, Agustin Galiana has made a place of choice in the heart of the French. Touching, sincere and thoughtful, Adrian has also lived the happiest day of his life in the last episode of the seventh season in marrying the pretty Alyzée . While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the Lucas Lucia confidences about season 8 Clem , know that the Spanish actor has benefited from an interview with the site MyTF1 to return to the path of Adrian in the series: “Playing a character who is dying was not easy at all I watched movies with characters living situations close to those of Adrian’s times when Adrian must announce to his family.. Which he just found, it was frankly difficult for the character of Adrian. ” But then, what did he think of the marriage of Adrian and Alyzee? “In all the episodes, Adrian is a perfectionist, he is very invested but we must understand that he almost died, he wants to enjoy life and wants everything to be perfect, he wants to please people and especially Alyzée He wants his son not to be alone and that his couple is perfect, because he found his biological family belatedly, and the passionate side of Adrian is me too!
However, this did not stop the scene to be particularly funny to play in . “It was weird because the dress Alyzée resembled that worn by my mother in my parents’ marriage And when we turn, we do Marry not once but thirty times! ” But that’s not all because the lender his face to the son of Caroline also returned to the reception which was reserved for him when he arrived on the set : “I was very happy to arrive on set De Clem I did not know French actors well … I had seen Elodie (Alyzee) for seeing him in “What have we done to God? But also a little intimidated on the first day, you are very reserved, but after a few days, it was very good: we laughed and discussed, when the technical team was preparing the shooting, we really had the (…) The message that we can see in the series Clem is that we are stronger together, is also verified on the shooting If we support, the result on the screen will be to ” All the better. ” Pending more information, see if you followed the season 7 Clem on melty. What do you think of these confidences?