Clem season 8: Stephane and Clem, the father of the family is the man of his life?

Cinema 5 March, 2017

While Clem’s season 8 is very much awaited by the fans, has our heroine finally found the man of his life by going out with Stephane?
Can Clem finally be happy? And yes, the meltynauts, if there’s one thing we can not deny, it’s because our heroine has suffered a lot from a sentimental point of view. Between the death of Julien and her divorce with Jerome, things never happened as she wished. But did her meeting with Stephane change everything? While Melty’s editor offered you to discover Benoît Michel’s confidences about his departure from the Season 7 of Clem , does the father have everything he needs to make her happy? If it is clear that a real feeling passes between them and this, since their first meeting, we still have difficulty to imagine them together in the long term. First, Because the doctor still has many problems to deal with his daughter. The girl finds it difficult to accept that he is making a new life and Stéphane has tended to privilege the words of Charlotte and to oust Clem at the slightest problem . If she can not count on him to help her, how can she foresee a serious future?
In addition, he quickly changes his mind. Whether it is at the level of their movements, their breakdown or the way in which they want to manage their love relationship, Stéphane is far from being a constant. But was not that one of the first qualities that Clem liked in Jerome? Finally, the pretty brunette is still young and we imagine that the writers want to explore other romantic relationships before allowing him to find the love of his life . One thing is certain, we are looking forward to seeing if Clem will agree to live again with Stéphane and if their story will be at the heart of the new season of the family series of TF1 . Pending further information, Discover the confidences of Raphaelle Amar concerning his journey in season 7 of Clem on melty. Do you think that Stephane is the man of his life?