Clem season 8: The future of Adrian and Alyzee threatened? Agustin Galiana tease the sequel!

Cinema 3 February, 2017

While Clem’s Season 8 will not air until the spring of 2018, Agustin Galiana took the opportunity to talk with PureBreak about Adrian’s future.
Will Adrian be back? And yes the meltynauts, at the time we write these lines, the 8 season of Clem is still being written. Therefore, it is difficult to know who will actually be back for this new chapter. If Lucie Lucas (Clem), Victoria Abril (Caro) and Elodie Fontan (Alyzée) have already confirmed their participation, we do not know if the rest of the cast rempilera for new episodes . While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover all that was known of the season 8 of Clem , the beautiful Agustin Galiana took advantage of a meeting with our colleagues PureBreak order to entrust the future of Adrian . And all fans of the brother Clem and Salome can be reassured because Agustin Galiana will indeed be part of the next season: “I’m expected to cast They all called us, they asked me if I wanted to. How and I said yes. ” This is very good news that will relieve the fans of the family series of TF1 after the departures of Rayane Bensetti, Benoît Michel and Kevin Elarbi.
But then, does he already know what will happen next season? “I would like him to meet his father, I think there will be some twists and turns, and I would like something to happen with Alyzee, but not something negative. ‘Wish it was a little cheerful.’ And indeed, after his breakthrough arrival in the series and the discovery of his tumor, Adrian deserves a little happiness alongside his wife. Finally, Agustin Galiana told he would attend more family scenes alongside her two sisters in Clem: Lucie Lucas and Leah Lopez . One thing is certain, waiting has never seemed so long. Meanwhile more info, see if you followed the season 7 Clem on melty . Would you like Adrian’s father to land in the series?