Clem season 8: The latest live news from the shoot!

Cinema 24 June, 2017

While Clem’s season 8 is in full shooting, immediately discover the first information about this new section!
We look forward ! Yes, the meltynauts, Clem ended at the end of January on TF1 to say a real eternity for all the most unconditional fans. But luckily, the actors are again in full shooting and this, since June 5 last. And that says filming, says crisp information about the sequel. While Melty’s editor suggested you discover the next episodes of Clem’s season 8 , the MyTF1 website has unveiled the outline of this new chapter. To begin, know that our heroine will have difficulty to trust Stéphane again. Remember, as Charlotte led the hard life, the doctor preferred to believe his daughter rather than give any support to Clem. Perdue, The young woman will find herself a new work and begin to put her relationship into question again . A questioning that could well have consequences on Valentin.
Meanwhile, Adrian is determined to find his father. Caro, ready for anything for his son, will accompany him in his search for his origins. But this quest will soon make him blind and Adrian may well forget his family in this story. Especially since the two bride and groom have already had difficulty in agreeing on the possibility of having another child, all this should not help them to see more clearly. Moreover, Salomé will eventually return from Bolivia and it is clear that his reunion with his family will not go as planned . Finally, know that this eighth season will count no fewer than ten episodes. Enough to enchant the fans! While waiting for more info, relive with me the day when … Clem became a must on TF1.