Clem Season 8: Three reasons that prove that the series still has beautiful years ahead!

Cinema 14 March, 2017

While Clem Season 8 is very much anticipated by the fans, here are three reasons that prove that the family series of TF1 still has beautiful years ahead!
We miss them! And yes meltynautes if we loved the seventh chapter of the family series of TF1 , broadcasting is now complete and we have great difficulty to wait for new episodes. Our patience will also put to the test since the filming will resume in the month of May for a return to the antenna to 2018. Especially since rumors about the departure of Lucie Lucas has been rife for some months . While the editorial ‘of melty wondered if Stephen could be the man of Clem of life in the series , here are three reasons to prove that the series still has good years ahead of it:
Several generations capable of renewing the intrigues
Clem is, above all, a family series. It is therefore several generations that we have the pleasure of following. Between the high school girl who discovers life, the divorced mum in search of great love, the dynamic forties and the young married couple, there is something to match all types of viewers. Everyone can recognize themselves in the characters of the series and it is also its authenticity that makes its success.
Modern intrigues
The highlight of the writers of Clem is their ability to constantly adapt to the concerns of our time . Indeed, whether it is the difficulties of stepfamilies or students under pressure who succumb to the temptation to take seals, everything is well seen and gives us a strong sense of belonging. We love Clem because she knows how to talk about our problems while adding a light tone and a way to de-dramatize.
A real family
Clem is above all the adventures of the Boissier family. And what makes all its charm is that we feel like we are also part of this warm family. How could the first channel do without the French family? One thing is certain, we are looking forward to the eighth season. Pending further information, discover all the players who will be in Season 8 of Clem on melty. Do you think the series can last a long time?