Clem season 8: Victoria Abril (Caro) bored by the series?

Cinema 8 February, 2017

While Clem’s season 8 is much anticipated by fans, is Victoria Abril getting tired of her role in the series?
Will the talented Victoria Abril leave the series? And yes the meltynauts, after the departures of Rayane Bensetti, Benoît Michel and Kevin Elarbi, there is reason to ask questions. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover what pair you are in season 7 of Clem , Victoria Abril took time to confide in an interview with the TV website 7 days. First, know that dedicates an incredible admiration for writers: “The authors are really strong to always find new ideas Sometimes I tell myself that they went after, but their imagination is boundless.. reading the script of the seventh season, I felt I was going to treat me for this shoot ” . But that is not all since returned to the atmosphere on the set: “It’s amazing after all these seasons, we reached a total symbiosis Twelve hours a day for months, that. Since the beginning of the shoot, Lucie Lucas (who plays Clem) had two children, reality has joined the fiction! I remember that I gave advice to Clem on the set and outside the catch I continued with Lucie, it is rare in this trade to rub shoulders so long. ”
In addition, Victoria Abril love that series tackles serious subjects but always with a light tone . “There’s always this positive tone in the series if we talk serious events, we try to bring a different look. If Caroline is very close to me, I know how to react when I interpret her. So she starts to get tired of the family series of TF1 ? “I always said that if, one day, the scenario did not please me, I would leave the series. But, for the moment, no risk … With Clem, I shot the equivalent of five films a year! One thing is certain, we are eager to discover the new season. Pending further information, find out who could play the role of Adrian in Clem. Are you eager to discover the sequel to Clem?