Clem season 8: Will Lea Lopez (Salome) leave the series? She answers !

Cinema 3 February, 2017

While the character of Salome decided to fly to Bolivia at the end of the season 7 of Clem, does this sign the final departure of the beautiful Lea Lopez?
Are we going to say farewell to Salome? And yes the meltynauts, the end of season 7 of Clem had enough to make us doubt about the future of the little sister of our heroine in the continuation of the series. Indeed, very in love with Ben, the young woman decided to fly to Bolivia to find her boyfriend. Unfortunately, Salomé left without her mother’s consent. But then, did this departure mean the end of Léa Lopez’s participation in the series? While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the secrets of Agustin Galiana about the future of Adrian and Alyzée in Season 8 of Clem , know that the pretty brunette has benefited from an interview with the site Purebreak to meet To the question that everyone is asking: will she be back in the next season of Clem? The answer is yes ! This is great news that should reassure all the most unconditional fans of the TF1 family series.
But that’s not all because the young actress then returned to the starting rayane bensetti who lent his face to the character Dimitri: “I was a little disappointed because we developed a nice complicity It’s funny. , We laugh all the time on the shoot with him. Disappointed, but hey, he has plenty of projects. ” Finally, Léa Lopez confided that she would very much like to have more scenes with Agustin Galiana and Lucie Lucas in order to highlight their fraternal ties. One thing is certain, the new season of Clem should be broadcast in spring 2018 and we will have to wait before we can revel in the new adventures of our favorite characters. Meanwhile more info, see if you followed the season 7 Clem . What do you think of these confidences?