Clemence Poesy is a little boy’s mother!

Entertainment 12 January, 2017

To your pink notebooks! Clemence Poesy gave birth to a little Liam in the greatest secrecy. The actress has remained very discreet about his private life, but his friend Omar Sy who sold the wick on Europe 1.
Good news for the actress Clemence Poesy, she has just given birth to her first child, a little boy named Liam. The information does not come from her but from her friend Omar Sy. It was on the radio of Radio Europe 1 that the actor dropped the bomb. Together, the two actors shared the poster Tomorrow it all starts and it seems also that Clémence Poésy has given birth before the premiere of the film.
She had announced her pregnancy at the 42nd Festival of American cinema of Deauville , but the star remained very discreet about his private life and never mentioned any information on the father of her child. This is the arm of Daniel Radcliffe, its partner in the Harry Potter saga , the blonde had mounted the steps ave c baby bump for the least impressive.
The name Liam echoed Britain, a country where she runs the Franco-British series Tunnel . There she played the role of commander Elise Wassermann.
Clemence Poesy, who embodies the collection Love Story of the house Chloe since its creation, remains the face of the brand perfumes for the year 2017. And, of course, the image of Water Sensual , new water Of perfume.