Clive Barker, the father of Hellraiser, lifts the veil on the series adapted from his Books of Blood

Cinema 28 January, 2019






Clive Barker is one of the authors and filmmakers of scary the more massive of the past few decades. Naturally, when he decides to adapt the work that was done knowing it, they twitch.

The Books of Blood are several story collections that have issued a remarkable shock to the fantastic british and the genre literature in europe over the first half of the 80s. Nightmares varied, radical, rich, of which the symbolic and the scope of sexual have taken a hell of a blow to the back of the neck to a lot of readers.

So when the brilliant artist behind The Kingdom of Diviners or Imajica, producer of Cabal and Hellraiser – The covenant, along with Brannon Braga, who, for his part, worked on Star Trek : Generations , and 24 heures chrono, it opens wide the ears.




It is on his official website that Clive Barker has given details on what awaits us with this new adaptation of the Books of Blood.

“It’s moving very quickly and working with Brannon is an absolute joy. It is necessary that I specify, because it is not bad, as the series expanded, the stories collected in the Books of Blood to other stories, that I have developed respecting the style of the Books of Blood. Simply because this is thirty years that I wrote these collections of news and my mind has not been at rest since.

There is, therefore, I would say, thirty stories that I would call stories in Books of Blood, but I have not yet transformed into scenarios. At least one party will become episodes of the tv series. My goal is, at a minimum, be equal, and in some cases, exceed, the intensity of the original material. “


“It is time for grooming”


It is found that these new tortured have already been transposed more than once, with success questionable, and it would seem that the author is about to further enrich a work of the most interesting. Thus, Barker’s account transform very deeply to some writings, such as his cult and ultra-violent Rawhead Rex, in which a pagan deity released by mistake to cause a massacre in the English countryside.

“I want to make a new story of the monster for example. Something fresh for a new audience. I hope that we are not going to just go with this as there are more creepy in the books, because I intend to add to these stories and elements of stories unpublished that I would have never gone through the head there is 30 years of it. The world has changed. It has become a darker place, scary. It seems implausible, but it is the truth. “

Now only remains to hope that this creative duo is a diffuser that is excited at the idea of hosting a new creation of the father of Candyman.


Clive Barker (left)