Cœur de Pirate confides in his “social handicap” and his past as a harassed child

Entertainment 18 January, 2017

The Heart of Pirate singer Uninhibited book in a column published on the website Vice . A concentrate of memories and emotions, in which she returns to the child and the introverted adolescent that she was … and that she is a little left.

In an article on the website of Vice , Quebec singer Heart Pirate says fondly of his anxiety problems. Fear of others, exclusion, communication problems : the young woman of 27, who recently made his coming out , admits he had a difficult childhood and adolescence. A discomfort that celebrity has made worse. ” I do not know exactly when I realized I had this social handicap . I guess it goes back to childhood, like most problems , “she begins recount.
Cœur de Pirate, whose real name is Beatrice Martin, reveals in her text that when she was young, she was regularly mistreated and mocked by the other children. ” Without knowing why, I became the girl children harassed. The target of almost all children, not just those who intimidated me regularly. ” Even today, difficult for the successful singer to understand the reason for this persecution. But what has resulted is clear: a severe lack of confidence.
” This feeling of rejection grows with the years. You feel like you can not trust anyone. One is often alone in the evenings and one feels all too much strong. I felt that maybe I was too, ” says the young divorced mom recently. The sudden celebrity she knew did not help. Propelled to the front of the stage at 19 only, she confesses today that she was not ready. ” Every time someone in the street wanted to take a picture with me, I was terrified,” she recalls. ” It’s fascinating, because on stage I control everything. Up there, I’m a different version of myself, a better version. ” In the end, the stage seems to be the only place Béatrice Martin feels itself strong and fearless.