Coeur de pirate: his daughter visits her father in her living room tattoos

Entertainment 17 November, 2016

As usual, Heart of Pirate has posted a picture of her daughter, Romy 4 years. But this time, we do not see the little blonde head home but her tattoo salon dad, ready to welcome guests.

coeurdepirateThe small-Romy was with his mother on Tuesday it was not because Coeur de pirate wanted to add a tattoo to his collection, but to visit the shop owner, Alex Peyrat , the father of the girl. The singer and the man, whom she married in 2010, have maintained excellent relations despite their separation.
Romy took his role very seriously, placing at the entrance to the store to greet with his biggest smile, customers.
” Romy miss him terribly but I’m glad to flourish in his new job (huhu I laugh but omg I love)”, posted the singer legend. If Romy wants, too, decorate part of his body, it will nevertheless have to be patient and wait his majority, said his mother. ” S i she really wants to do, at least it will not hurt surrounded with his father which I’d be a little pinball is if we did not know tattoo artist at all and she was going to the to do anywhere. (…) If she wants to get a tattoo, it will pay to go and see the best , ” said Coeur de Pirate in an interview with the website aufeminin.