Colton Haynes and Shawn Mendes compete for the International Masculine Special Prize at the Melty Future Awards 2017!

Entertainment 18 January, 2017

The fight continues between your favorite stars! Who will win the MFA Special International Prize? Answer in just a few weeks …
On February 6, you have an appointment with those who will be in 2017 ! melty invites you to the Grand Rex for a special evening under the sign of youth culture: melty the Future Awards 2017 ! Do not miss your favorite personalities on the Golden Carpet, live performances of madness and especially huge surprises! For the fourth consecutive year, you have the power to reward your favorite stars. And this time again, the task is particularly difficult. Especially in the International Special Men’s category … Frankly, we would not like to be in your place!
They are beautiful, they are young, they are talented and they will be totally unavoidable in 2017! Here are the nominees in the category Special Prize International Male: Shawn Mendes, Colton Haynes , Daniel Sharman, Scott Eastwood and Tom Holland. If Shawn Mendes and Colton Haynes vie for the moment the International Special Price Male , nothing is played within one month of the grand ceremony! So it’s time to vote for your favorite and do succeed Cody Christian , winner of last year. So who will win? Answer on February 6th.
To vote for personalities that will make 2017 according to you, go quickly on the platform of melty Future Awards , in partnership with NT1 and Fun Radio !