COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) : silent, deadly, unknown

Health 8 January, 2018


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It is necessary to salute the fight of lung specialists, the specialists of the lung, which are trying to impose the term COPD, for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is true that there is all the drama of this disease in this name is complicated and hard to pronounce. A disease to which i have to think because it affects up to 10% of the population in industrialized countries and is increasing steadily in the past 20 years, with more than 44 million people in the world.

COPD is bronchitis. But the bronchitis that clogs and kills.

COPD it is, more than lung cancer, the end painful and inevitable of the smoker who, day after day, year after year, destroyed his lungs. Our body cannot live without oxygen. It is the primary fuel of our engine. The body, therefore, can not live without lungs. Indeed, it is here that the oxygen passes into the blood via the alveoli, a kind of bags at the end of our bronchial tubes. To get an idea of this exchange surface, if we put all of our alveoli on the ground, this would represent, for each of us, the equivalent of a tennis court.

The breath is life.

Our “capital breath” lives under the constant threat of the aggressors, in the first rank of which it is necessary to put the tobacco, but also the microbes, and a number of industrial pollutants. Our tennis court is in danger, turns into a Ping-pong table.
Who coughs and spits, even without a fever, every morning, is suffering from COPD. Simple and trite, but this is the trap. It is important not to trivialize these signs thinking that it is normal to cough when you smoke, because in the medium term, this COPD if not treated progresses to a progressive narrowing and the irreversibility of the caliber of the bronchi. The air will be hard to pass… then will appear a shortness of breath gradually growing worries that late when it disrupts daily life. It is often at this time that the smoker consult. The doctor can actually show him, figures to support, that his lungs don’t breathe very well, but it is at this stage rather helpless. Effective solutions do not exist at the beginning of the disease, from the beginning of shortness of breath. They are becoming increasingly rare, as the air that reaches the lungs, as that the evil is progressing. The final stage is the use of the oxygen bottle. Life attached to a tube. Nothing very pleasing.

A single attitude : the screening

Then, in the case of the cough, or if you live with a smoker, it is necessary to look at whether walking or climbing the stairs is more out of breath than someone else of the same age. If this is the case, it is necessary to consult because we can measure the capital breath. This is an extremely simple, spirometry, practised by general practitioners in the same way as the measurement of blood pressure, thanks to a small device on a single expiration is violent, can we classify in 3 categories.
The green category, is that of capital intact. The amber-box category, that of the alert, which can at any moment turn red, and then the use of the pulmonologist is essential. In twenty minutes he will be able, thanks to a few measuring instruments, to know if it is COPD.
It is perfectly possible to have diabetes without knowing it because the shortness of breath, that each of us knows when an emotion or an effort that takes, is a symptom too late. The large head is the tobacco. The more we start smoking young, the greater the risk of disease is great. It is the number of years of smoking, which is important for developing COPD, not the daily tobacco consumption.