Corine Marienneau, traces its past 30 years, since the end of Phone

Entertainment 15 November, 2016

Phone will not form again. Jean-Louis Aubert, Louis Bertignac and Richard Kolinka decided to dispense with Corine, historical bassist, and occur in a male trio named The Insus. A choice that has obviously succeeded them because their shows are played sold out, and a live album is even expected. For those who are wondering where is Corine Marienneau, bassist if rock and roll of the original group, we asked him to recount for us her post-Telephone course.

telephone-1“After the telephone, the group split into two parts. Louis Bertignac, we formed the group The Visitors that has not really found its stable elements, but which still lasted five years. We produced two studio albums and played on stage as often as possible, because that’s what we liked to do. During a tour in the former USSR, I loved a man and came back pregnant . When my child was 1 year, I realized that I needed him to really take the time to be a mother and the 1 st January 1991 I decided to stop my professional activities. I entered a long pause and reflection. I took the opportunity to learn as much as possible about the human condition in its physical, psychological and spiritual, to take me to the best of this little being. Discover who we are, what we are made of, how we operate. Where I come from, who am I, where am I … I had fun doing various courses that have me among other sustains an unmistakable experience of telepathy. That definitely got me out of our system of thought if reducer.
I followed the course of a naturopathic school, learning anatomy and physiology, nutrition and herbal medicine, and other natural therapeutic methods. It took me three years. And then I did a school fasciatherapy – extracted a branch of osteopathy – seduced by the sensation of what happens in the depths of our bodies. It took me two years. I was expelled from school because I strongly disturbed them founder guru of this school-sect.
Meanwhile, I started a long analytic psychotherapy course that fascinated me and restructured. And also parallel, I began to write bits of songs about books and to ring again the strings of my guitar.
We made a phone reformation attempt in 1999 which was violently burst differences in vision, differences that are even more crystallized today.
That is nevertheless on Louis Bertignac I asked to produce my solo album. This album experienced numerous production problems, distribution, and promotion. He ended up out in 2002 between the two rounds of presidential elections. I selected the musicians and musicians with whom we left on tour. I realized at that time that I was like a little “black-listed” and that my return was doomed to failure.
I retired and I started writing of an autobiography The Over time , output in 2006 (Flammarion edition, ed ) and who suffered the same fate as my solo album.
I lived the life of a real girl-mother, busy with my child’s adolescence and old age of my parents I went along as best I could.
And in recent years, I have been requested in music schools, colleges, or homes SADD processed houses of the Opal Coast. I tried to bring my energy there, convey all that I have gained. One can teach a lot through the implementation of a band or orchestra, for the establishment of a piece or song. For example, playing in rhythm, is to learn to live together . “