Couple harmony : can we all say ?

Health 6 December, 2017


Published the 05.12.2017 to 12.50


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Of course, communication is essential to the proper functioning of the couple. We sometimes want to express themselves freely on all subjects, but his partner is not always ready to hear it all. Is this all to say is always a good idea ?

Transparency is not the guarantor of the love

The feeling of safety within the couple can sometimes give free rein to the expression of all his thoughts, his fantasies or his past. We sometimes imagine that to be confident about his / her partner, it guarantees true love, in all transparency. However, without this distance and modesty, everyone gets to want to take the place of the other and can in the long run, cause the couple to break.

Find the right distance

We all have a secret garden which allows us to keep to ourselves thoughts that may be too disturbing, perverse, immoral, negative, or even aggressive. By exposing them to his / her spouse, there is a risk to be exposed without defence, but above all to impose him to do the same.
So far, nothing to share of yourself can be interpreted as a lack of feeling and affection. Find the right distance between what we can say and keep to yourself allows you to trust while respecting that the other may hear.

Express his emotions, his satisfaction or his desires is essential within the couple. Finding the right boundary between what can be shared, and those that must remain hidden is not always easy. However, take the time to think before you speak, while demonstrating empathy for his partner, lets together find a harmony sustainable.