Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Rachel Bloom trusts on the series that arrives tonight in France!

Cinema 23 April, 2017

Some of them already know it but others will discover it with pleasure, the small masterpiece of Rachel Bloom, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, disembarks on Teva tonight and is not to be missed!
Tonight France will have the pleasure to discover the first season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Téva at 20:45 and the least one can say is that a funny and musical series can not fall better. Produced by Rachel Bloom herself and her best friend Aline Brosh McKenna, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a fantastic cocktail of hilarious and committed songs – or not – in a good mood, but also so endearing and realistic characters . On the occasion of the arrival of the series on our small screens, melty met with Rachel Bloom to tease a little the series. His description of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend in 3 words, “Dark, Musical, Romance , The series tells the story of Rebecca Bunch, a New York lawyer who decides to go to live in California and find her Ex-boyfriend Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III). Behind this wacky idea lie many issues that will be approached accurately in the series, notably the issue of depression.
Rachel Bloom explained that it was very cathartic for her to meet people suffering from depression who tell her about the series since “it shows us that we are all in the same galley together and we all do Our best to live ” . For Rachel Bloom and Rebecca Bunch have some common points: “We are both very optimistic and solar, but we also have a lot of shade. On the other hand I had the luxury of being able to do what Made me happy while Rebecca felt compelled to do what was expected of her and especially to meet her mother’s expectations ” – the fans of The Walking Dead will have besides the”
But Crazy Ex-Girlfriend , it is mainly a platonic love story between Rebecca and Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin) that will quickly become her best friend . “Rebecca and Paula are the true love story of the series, with their ups and downs, inspired by my relationship with Aline Brosh McKenna, with whom I created the series . ” And it is their idea to have made Crazy Ex-Girlfriend a musical series. “I made music clips on Youtube (under the username” racheldoesstuff “, note) and with Aline we had the idea to do a series together . And things worked rather well since the series,
This does not mean that Rachel Bloom does not see herself in other genres of series since she said: “If I could play another role I would love to be in Game of Thrones … and live in Dorne!” Under the sun, one can understand it. Finally for fans who follow the series in the American hour and who look forward to season 3 being broadcast, we can already give you some info. According to Rachel Bloom, “Rebecca will try to play it Glenn Close in Liaison Fatale in season 3. Josh and Rebecca will both try to be other people a bit dubious . ”