Cristina Cordula and cosmetic surgery: “I’m for, of course!”

Entertainment 27 December, 2016

“My dear, I’m Brazilian, then …”
52 years. It’s hard to believe, but Cristina Cordula is not a Queen shopping . She is the queen of sexy fifties . Interviewed by the magazine Women’s Health , the Brazilian has delivered his advice to be still beautiful and confessed not be against some cosmetic procedures.
If, for her, beauty is ” above all a state of mind ” and that ” when you have confidence is irradiated ,” the former model also book a sociological explanation for the fact that women mature better and better . ” They are active both professionally and in their private lives. Was terminated in shackles that imprisoned them at home. As a result, they have won ten and all seem ten years younr, are watching their hair, their makeup, their beauty, their clothes , “says the one that allows the Women to take better care of her. Recall that the beautiful brunette is leading a makeover agency (the services range from 400 to 1800 euros approximately).above all a state of mind
Admitting then that ” medicine and cosmetology have made huge advances and progress ,” Cristina Cordula confesses not to be against these rejuvenation techniques. ” I’m Brazilian, my darling I come from the country of cosmetic surgery, so ‘for’ course! I have no taboo that. We just need it done right ,” she loose with pep That we know him.
If the star of M6 therefore found that ” cosmetic medicine is great, especially the laser that gives incredible results “, however, she said more ” measured ” regarding surgery. ” I regret that some women go overboard. What’s the point if it changes the person’s head? ” She says.