Cuba : 16 american diplomats victims of an attack acoustic

Health 26 August, 2017

Embassy of United States in Havana (Cuba) Ramon Espinosa/AP/SIPA

Published the 26.08.2017 at 09h38


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A mysterious disease appears to be widespread in the american embassy in Cuba this year. At least 16 diplomats have reportedly been the victims of an ” attack sound “, said this Thursday, August 24, the u.s. State department. A canadian diplomat has also been affected.

According to the american media, they complained of violent headaches, hearing loss, vertigo, and nausea. The american channel CBS News, which was able to review the medical records, added yesterday that some diplomats have presented lesions in the brain.
In early August, the New York Times stated even that one of the patients most affected had developed a disease of the blood. A description of the symptoms, which has still not been confirmed by the department of State.

If this case has been unveiled at the beginning of the month of August, the staff of the embassy would have fallen ill by the end of 2016. Concerned about the administration of Donald Trump was then asked doctors from the university of Miami to examine its on-site staff. Some citizens have even had to be repatriated.

An attack without prior

Incidents “unpublished” that the u.s. government ” takes very seriously “, said spokeswoman Heather Nauert in front of the press this morning. It has, however, refused to clarify how these attacks could be perpetrated. According to the american media, they would have been carried out using sophisticated equipment capable of broadcast of the ultrasounds. They would have been placed in the homes of diplomats or in the surrounding area.

The spokesperson of the administration Trump has not been more advanced on the identity of the attackers. An unknown that has not prevented the United States to rebuke Cuba.
On the 23rd of may last, Washington has decided to expel two cuban diplomats stationed in the capital. And the beginning of August, Rex Tillerson, the american secretary of State, has asked Cuba to ” make light on this case.” A request heard by Havana, who announced that it had launched an investigation ” exhaustive, priority, and urgent.”