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Entertainment 11 January, 2018

cyclone irma

Last September, for the islands of the west Indies, of which Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy the nightmare had the name Irma… What a very beautiful tribute book recounts the story with apocalyptic images that are often strange irony, the very ” beautiful “, the violence of the phenomenon, which has spread chaos in its path.

September 6, 2017, will forever live on in the memories of the inhabitants of Saint-Martin. Between two o’clock in the morning and afternoon, the hurricane Irma hits the small island in the Caribbean, destroying everything in its path. With sustained winds in excess of 350 km/h, waves of over 10 metres, flooding by the sea to entire neighborhoods, Irma is the cyclone-the most powerful ever observed in this part of the globe. The phenomenon, huge, which had an area the size of France, metropolitan has caused devastation and chaos across the island, leaving its inhabitants shocked and bruised. Irma has spared neither the poor nor the rich. The former moderator Stéphane Collaro, a resident of Saint Martin for years, lost it, started for his home, but also the various hotels in which he had invested, as well as its rental business. The luxurious villa of the president, Donald Trump has been heavily affected. In his madness the hurricane hit the neighbouring island of Saint-Barthélemy-causing, again, the damage massive. The magnificent remains of Johnny Hallyday has been severely damaged, as the majority of the homes on the island.

The images of this out-of-series were captured during the hours and days that followed the passing ofIrma by photographers who live in Saint-Martin/Sint Maarten. All hoped to capture the extreme violence of the cyclone and to document this major event and unique. The sensitivity of each photographer expresses himself in these apocalyptic images, which are often, by a strange irony, “beautiful” photographs. Some of them are real shocks visuals that reveal the fury of the hurricane and elements. Other images are full of hope and optimism. We wish good luck to the people who are trying to recover from this terrible disaster. You can purchase this beautiful book of 128 pages on the site : (price 10€)

Johnny HallydayStéphane Collaro

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