Cyril Hanouna accused of promoting bullying

Entertainment 5 December, 2016

New thunderclap for Cyril Hanouna. While the CSA has recently begun sanction proceedings against TPMP , the troublemaker PAF is now charged with ” contributing to trivialize harassment ” with teenagers.

cyril-hanounaComedian, Greg Allaeys is regularly asked by schools to help teenagers face harassment and humiliation. Faced with such tragedies, the forty pushed a rant against Cyril Hanouna, which according to him trivializes harassment in the popular issue of the young audience . This is after intervening with ” kids to sometimes reddened eyes with tears ” that Grég Allaeys published its message: ” These repeated humiliations, this little psychological torture, stigmatization of individuals perceived as ‘low’, or a color skin, hair, body size, origin or faith. This verbal or physical violence which at best can screw up a school and at worst a push school to fuck up . You start to see where i’m going with the little king bam . it is that you are very impressionable watched by this population of college students , “he denounced. `
Through his message, the actor wants the host TPMP become aware that ” what he does in his Paris studio, has direct consequences in the school playgrounds ” and does not hesitate to take for example the many humiliations suffered by Matthew Delormeau : ” the ‘stalkers’ in shorts make us the same answers as you, mature adult ‘is to laugh.’ The same response as those who pushed this kid to suicide or this other child to set themselves on fire . ”
Frightened by the consequences that such a program can have on young people, Greg Allaeys also returned to the scene where Jean-Michel Mayor had kissed the breast of a young woman despite her refusal : ” NO, even humiliate someone ‘ joke ‘that’s not normal. And kiss a girl or a boy without his consent either ” . While many fanzouzes tried to defend their favorite host, this publication has collected more than 23,000 mentions” likes “on Facebook.