Cyril Hanouna: his children consider “like a brother”

Entertainment 25 November, 2016

Cyril Hanouna confided in GQ pages, currently on newsstands, on her family life and her relationship with her two children. We discover a joker dad, but also very anxious … away from the strict upbringing that he himself received.

cyril-hanounaUsually very discreet about his private life, Cyril Hanouna agreed to reveal some aspects of his family life, in an interview with GQ magazine. The 42-year leader obviously attaches great importance in view of his own . ” J have always been very close to my family , he explains to journalist David Abiker. my family is very present, but I can not confide in me about my private life. Each time it moves me a little. It’s true that I have complicated relationships with my parents. My father is really square. ”
If one who has recently welcomed the opening of an investigation of the CSA on his show not touch my position , is now considered the king of the access prime time with his show, and has emerged as one of the great figures of the current TV, it seems that his father had other dreams for him. ” He wanted me to do medicine, it made it a drama. Since I was 10, my father wants me to be a doctor. If tomorrow I told him that I stop everything to become a doctor, he would be the happiest in the world. No shit. ”
For Cyril Hanouna, no way to replicate that rigor with his own children, Bianca (5 years) and Lino (4 years). ” I feel my children to see me more as a brother than as their dad. (… ) is put on loud music and dancing in their bedroom. ” and when it comes to perform the important duties of father’s life, the facilitator puts real pressure … probably more than when it is directly in front of millions of viewers. ” I had a meeting the other day to register in a bilingual school. I was more anxious than if I had an appointment with a boss. I was in front of the director, she asked me questions, I was not good ” , he says in the interview. A very different role from the one his ” fanzouzes ” are used to seeing …