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Entertainment 17 August, 2017


In a long interview given to Paris Match, Cyril Hanouna is including the income on the matter that was the opposite of Julien Cazarre. The latter had filed a handrail as a result of insults and threats on the part of the presenter of C8 – according to this, it was a reaction far too excessive.

Accused of mistreating its employees, Cyril Hanouna is defended to have been aggressive with Julien Cazarre, who had filed a handrail as a result of “insults ” and “threats of him farting in the mouth” , in early 2016. The facilitator’s flagship C8 defended himself in an interview given to Paris Match. “I say [to Julien Cazarre ed], one day, I love what he does, I would love to work with him… Two weeks later he did an interview on me andsmashes, recalls Cyril Hanouna. Disturbed, I called, I suggested to him that one way for a coffee. He refuses. I tell him : “Good, very good, I come down among you, we talk.” And there, he went to the commissariat to file a handrail.” A reaction that the presenter has found it far too excessive.

In February 2016, The new yorker unveiled the SMS sent by Cyril Hanouna Julien Cazarre : “We know where you live “, “We will come and see you” or “You don’t know it’s who you know “. One way to do that would become the trademark of the king of the PAF, even if its victims do not allow themselves to do, such as Arthur or Stéphane Guillon who released the SMS aggressive received to bring light to the violence of the words of Cyril Hanouna.

Cyril Hanouna

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