Cyril Hanouna is a dream on the traces of Coluche: “The Restos du cœur, but for housing” Gala

Entertainment 18 August, 2017


Cyril Hanouna has given an interview to the magazine Paris Match. He looks back on the controversies that surround it but also on his future projects and ambitions. The presenter of the contract of € 250 million wants to put themselves at the service of people in need, and to invest its’ money for the benefit of a great cause “.

Cyril Hanouna is delivered in the pages of the magazine Paris Match on Thursday, 17th August. It is entrusted with, among other things, on the anger he felt when he was called a homophobic when his hoax telephone where he had been posing as a gay man in search of company, naughty in its show” Key not at my post (TPMP). A joke of very bad taste, as sanctioned by the Superior Council of Audiovisual (CSA).

It has also expressed its desire to put in place a project to help the needy. “Today, I want to put the money for the benefit of a great cause. My dream is to one day create, as Coluche, something like Eating the heart, but, with respect to the housing. The association with The Angels of the street, we try to identify the buildings, the hotels abandoned to renovate it and make it available , “explains the presenter of TPMP. The boss of the PAF earn very nice sums of money for the production of its programs on C8, the amounts that it wants to invest to support those in need. “You cannot imagine the number of tweets that are parallel to the contract of Neymar for € 200 million and the mine of 250 million euros. I remember that the 250 million correspond to a contract to produce programming for five years, this is not my salary… and I earn very well my life, it should not be hiding it, but I’m doing my job first of all for the fun of it. I have always done. A Comedy, I was winning 1 200 francs per month, and I was the happiest of men, because I was doing what I loved “, details there.

Today, the father of Lino and Bianca wants to continue its momentum and returns to the new school year with a new team of reporters specialized in specific areas. “We will raise the issue in range. There will be practically that of the journalists, and a political column “, he announced. There is more to do than wait on 4 September to discover this new version of TPMP.

Cyril Hanouna

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