Cyril Hanouna reacts to the instruction of the CSA, “This is exactly what we wanted”

Entertainment 24 November, 2016

Wednesday, the CSA has indicated that an investigation had been opened against Cyril Hanouna and his team of columnists. In TPMP last night, the host was speaking on the subject, in all relaxation.

cyril-hanounaFor months it was coming to him. The origin of bad buzz repeatedly, that have repeatedly been the subject of warnings from the CSA, Cyril Hanouna has again been pinned. Following the latest incident starring Matthew Delormeau a hoax , the Higher Audiovisual Council has this time decided to react more firmly and investigate the case. Far from panicking, the leader in TPMP said two words live last night.
Ultimate provocation in the air of contrition or true appeasement, we can not say, it is certain that Cyril Hanouna thanked the CSA: “This is exactly what we wanted.” He explains that this confrontation with an independent rapporteur appointed by the CSA will be an opportunity to express themselves and to justify “the different sequences Hands off my post, […] say what happened and explain [their] vision things.”
Wanting reassuring for his fans, Cyril Hanouna adds that the show will continue as it exists today, although “necessarily” , as it happens live, “there will always be some slippage” . Let’s see where this will lead.