Cyril Hanouna: the house he has offered to his fans will be ready in June

Entertainment 21 December, 2016

The incredible present of Cyril Hanouna to a family of viewers will be ready in six months. Thanks to the generous participation of a construction company, a house worth 300,000 euros will be built from scratch …

It was a very emotional moment on the plateau Hands off my post . On December 15th, in full live Cyril Hanouna announced to Céline, mother of Ethan, Enzo and Nolan that he intended to offer him a new house. An unexpected gift for this unmarried mother whose little salary as an auxiliary of life hardly allows him to provide for the needs of his family.
How is such a dream made possible? According to a survey of Figaro is the business houses Pierre, founded in 1984 and specialized in the construction of houses, which is associated with TPMP for the challenge.
” In view of the exceptionally short time and without the guarantee of a brand before setting Maisons Pierre on TV, we took the gamble to fully fund the operation to make it happen , said a representative of the Company in Figaro. Once you have identified ground, a casting was made by production among the many requests from viewers sent TPMP and is Céline and her children who were elected by the production as the happy beneficiaries of this wonderful gift . ”
The house offered will be 90m2 and will be specifically built for Céline and her children, in a subdivision located in the neighborhood where they currently live. Everything, up to notary fees, will be borne by the company. The family should be able to move in before the summer break. Very well insulated, the house is also designed not to consume too much energy and limit the amount of bills. The overall cost of the transaction amounts to EUR 300 000 . Keys to Céline could be subject to a special premium by the end of the season TPMP . That could make a bit of its popularity Hanouna Cyril, who had suffered much recent controversy dated .