Cyril Hanouna: “Under the guise of a jester, he has a real career plan”

Entertainment 27 December, 2016

In Cyril Hanouna, the jester who became king , the first biography of the presenter Touche Pas to My Computer , to be published on January 4 René Chiche reveals unknown aspects of his personality.

A few days before the release of Cyril Hanouna, the jester who became king , our colleagues Site Télé Loisirs met René Chiche. In this biography, the writer, who knows about the audiovisual world tells ” the story of a small suburban guy who worked hard to know the popular hit ” and reveals new facets of his personality. While the troublemaker PAF faced many controversies since the beginning of the year, his biographer gives a rather benevolent reading of the character “Hanouna” and even defended him when the latter is accused of sending SMS threats his critics . ” If it does not fit into his game, it is evicted without mercy. He has that ruthless side. But this is not the story of a foul that I tell . Good Mediterranean, he wins and The easy SMS, but just as quickly can be forgiven “.
Is looking like a ” uncontrollable buffoon ” Cyril Hanouna would actually be a facilitator and a savvy producer built a real career plan and the success of which would cause a lot of jealousy. ” He has already planned to stop the presentation of TPMP! I found that in its negotiations with the Channel group in the summer of 2015, he also obtained the promise to be entrusted with the management of the division’s program of free channels Canal +, Canal + or even the next two or three years. I also reveals that he has managed to insert in their contracts a clever clause that will allow it this year to enrich themselves even more spectacular … “