Cyril Viguier: The fighter goes back into the ring!

Tonight on France O … follow intense fighting!
After the debate the finalists of the primary of the right and center air tonight on TF1 and France 2, there will still fight later on France Télévisions channels.

portrait-cyril-viguier-leFight fans have an appointment with Cyril Viguier on France O, to 1 am that night.
The journalist who has successfully every morning at 7:30 , Territories info, TV morning of Public Sénat and Sud Radio (channel 13 DTT), which attracts politicians of all stripes – he received the candidates for the primary right and center – has also … a second life!
The producer presenter practice combat sports in competition for a long time. Connoisseur and passionate he wanted to show viewers that there was no need to demonize this sport combines boxing fists feet, wrestling and Ju Jitsu producing on France O “Purpose Combat”, a documentary film 52 minutes, directed by Patrice Rolet and aired last night at 1am.
” Objective Combat ” is intended to demonize a sport can forge a strong link between the combatants beyond the clash. A sports as able to contribute to mend the social fabric.
In this film, we will meet with the two finalists Teiki Tahitian big heart, who is a student at the school of prison who overcomes and Edward Bernadou the European champion kickboxing originated in Montauban who will play in the semifinals. Viguier think “he’s one of the best fighters we have in this generation” . “A right and true type” he says.
The role of three coaches, three masters of martial arts, is essential in this film. Gael Coadic a former police officer, Roger Itier a specialist Sanda (a Chinese martial art) and Daniel Rennesson, former champion American boxing Europe – unfortunately disappeared, the film is also dedicated to him – demonstrate the wisdom and experience essential to the proper practice of the martial arts.
They help to understand why education is essential to overcome.
“Without Daniel Rennesson ” friend ” , ” our friend “nothing could ever be done” says Cyril Viguier.
Also note in the 2nd episode we will see in 2017, the personality of Nicolas Ott. “One of the fighters I was most impressed by his mind and his will to win. It is also one of the best trainers of the new generation of french fighters “. “A fighter in platinum!” Concludes Cyril Viguier.
France O has also just ordered a new number “Objective Combat” which will shoot dice January to Lunel, this city of the Hérault known to try déradicalisations experiences of young people through sport. It is in this context that Cyril Viguier has agreed to back into the ring.
In the presence of two MPs, Patrick Vignal PS MP and Senator Jacques Grosperrin LR, both appointed by the government to explore the possibility of recognition MMA in France, it will play an organized championship Montpellier aiming to demonstrate that these combat sports contribute more than others to recreate social ties among young people.
Several fighters have come forward to confront Viguier but none of them comes from the audiovisual world!

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