Daft Punk back in 2017, why do we believe in it?

Entertainment 19 January, 2017

The Daft Punk are increasingly present on the music scene. That’s why at melty, we’re hoping for a big comeback in 2017.
They are quite discreet but they are never far away. The Daft Punk, who started their career in 1993 are still under the helmet. The two French could make a big comeback this year in music with a new album so hoped. The rumors are rife as regarding Alive 2017 tour . It was ten years ago, they inflamed the hearts of their fans with their tour Alive 2007 . Their return could thus mark the anniversary of this period when their success was at its peak, especially since a mysterious video and a site with a countdown have appeared, maddening even more aficionados. In Melty, we are almost certain, the two acolytes will come back in force.
By collaborating with singer The Weeknd on two tracks from his excellent album Starboy , the two robots proved they were still in the game, why not then continue on this path and concoct a new all beautiful opus, all hot? They could even make a surprise appearance at the concert of Selena Gomez’s new boyfriend on her date in Paris on February 28th. Better yet, they could resume their music at festivals. If a rumor about their presence in the Glastonbury festival circulated and was denied since there is still hope to see the Rock en Seine or even at the festival Lollapalooza, which takes place in Paris this year, whose programming has just be unveiled . Otherwise, they can always fall back on their band mates Phoenix , tour this summer in France and with whom they shared the stage at Madison Square Garden in New York in 2010. At least since 2013 and the album Random Access Memories , Nothing has filtered, and that is a pity. Do you want to find the Daft Punk on stage?