Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan credible in Fifty Shades Darker? An expert expresses herself

Entertainment 26 March, 2017

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have received as many negative and positive reviews for their performance in the Fifty Shades series! An expert comes to their rescue …
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are very complicit behind the scenes of filming Fifty Shades Darker ! The two actors can be heard praising each other, and Jamie Dornan particularly complimented her partners for her notch in sexy scenes: “What’s great about Dakota is that she’s the only one To know what I’m experiencing, and that I’m the only one who knows what she’s going through. “We’ve had a lot of need for each other during the shoot, and there were days when it was really not easy And we were asked a lot, especially for her, she was asked a lot of things, it was often she who was obliged to undress, we needed this complicity, from the first day . And if this complicity is evident on the screen, Has not prevented the detractors of the erotic saga from openly criticizing their performance. Not enough alchemy, sex scenes too shy, relationship based on psychological power relations … The followers of the SM do not seem convinced! But a specialist in the matter decided to defend the franchise.
Indeed the British newspaper Sunday Express interviewed the director Cheyenne Picardo , adept of the SM. And she did not hesitate to defend the two opus Fifty Shades , which considerably water down the abusive aspect of the relationship between Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele in the books. According to her, these films could be used to introduce the general public to new practices and to change the reputation of the DM. On the other hand, she does not hesitate to criticize the quality of the scenario, which from her point of view leaves something to be desired. Nevertheless , we are sure that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, for whom the filming of Fifty Shades Darker was a tiresome experience , will appreciate this support! Interpreting such adored and controversial characters was a real challenge and a risk-taking for both actors, but their efforts were rewarded! What do you think of Jamie and Dakota?