Dakota Johnson gets no makeup in Los Angeles

Entertainment 16 May, 2017

During one of his rare appearances in Los Angeles, Dakota Johnson was natural, without an ounce of makeup!
Dakota Johnson fleeing the media from 50 Shades Darker? The star was very present on the media scene to promote the film but now, it is quite the opposite. The star is more and more discreet and his appearances are becoming more and more rare. But do not worry, Dakota Johnson has by no means disappeared from traffic. The actress simply enjoys her free time away from the cameras. She was recently spotted in Los Angeles. Last Sunday, Mother’s Day, Dakota Johnson did not fail to buy beautiful bouquets of flowers for her famous mother, Melanie Griffith. During its shopping in town, the actress of the saga 50 Shades did not hesitate to display without makeup!
Dakota Johnson had opted for a casual look for Mother’s Day but she had focused on the natural by displaying without make-up as can be seen HERE . The interpreter of Anastasia Steele was simply delightful! Dakota Johnson had already shown up without makeup on Instagram while she was exhausted by the shooting of 50 Shades Darker . One thing is for sure, the actress is just as beautiful with or without make up. If it should attract the sympathy of the fans, recently poor Dakota Johnson was violently clash for having broken the law at the Met Gala 2017, accompanied by Bella Hadid. However, it will not less appreciate the pretty actress.