Dakota Johnson: Jamie Dornan, his wife forbade him to work with her?

Entertainment 28 May, 2017

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan could work together for a fourth film! And it would not please Amelia Warner …
Is Dakota Johnson in love with Jamie Dornan? Rumors continue ! Since they brought Anastasia Steele and Christian Gray to life on the screen, the two stars are the subject of persistent gossip. The media continue to insinuate that the two actors, who have multiplied scenes of hot sex for the Saga of the Fifty Shades , would be much more than just friends, if Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan have repeatedly denied having an affair, despite the fact that fans continue to imagine things between them . Recently, actress Maria Gay Harden, who plays Grace Trevelyan Geey, Christian Gray’s adopted mother, told People magazine
In fact the actress has given the book Gray , which tells the love story of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey by adopting the point of view of tortured billionaire, could be adapted for the screen: “I ‘ Try to imagine what it could give. If that happens, I would be delighted to participate . ” But according to a source portal Korea Portal , the wife of Jamie Dornan, pretty Amelia Warner, would disagree at all! She would have asked her husband not to turn hot scenes with Dakota Johnson. A rumor that it is well on to take with tweezers. If Dakota Johnson, who was ultra sexy in Los Angeles , turned the head to many men, Jamie Dornan and she ‘ Did not hesitate to repeat that the sex scenes were unpleasant to turn. And they do not seem to want to rethink the experience! It is evident that there is nothing more than a solid friendship between them. What do you think of it?