Dalida, encouraged by bulimia by Jean-Luc Lahaye?

Entertainment 11 January, 2017

This January 11, 2017, embodied by Sveva Alviti, Dalida reborn on our screens. Between sequins and tears. Witness to his last years, the singer Jean-Luc Lahaye shared with her a dark secret …
It was tears that she tore herself from the eyes. In one scene, furtive, almost shy, but very symbolic of his inability to overcome the tragedy of passing time, the filmmaker Lisa Azuelos evokes in his film Dalida , on the screens on 11 January. The gestures of the Italian actress Sveva Alviti, who plays with intensity , are unambiguous: the interpreter of Gigi l’amoroso was done vomiting.
More than a purge to keep the line, the act was also to Dalida, a way of exorcising his complexes from childhood , an attempt to control its destiny which eluded him. On Sunday, the singer held open table in her house in Montmartre. Yolanda Gigliotti, of her real name, knew how to receive in good Mediterranean. She knew how to cook turbot with sorrel as a person, according to his brother and confidant Orlando . But the high lad in Cairo trimbles her lot of complexes. In the year of her birth in 1933, she was the victim of an ocular infection. For several weeks, she will live in the dark, blindfolded. Until the age of sixteen, she is forced to wear glasses to correct her convergent strabismus. At school, she is mocked, shaken. The character of Dalida, a sort of botticellian Venus emerging from the waters of the Nile, will be his vengeance.
Men pass , the tears flow, but nothing should blur his reflection in mirrors. The late 70s glorifies the body. At more than 40 years, Dalida adds gold in her hair, a little more black on her eyes. It swirls on disco rhythms, surrounded by ephebes. But his greatest dizziness is … age. Dalida is an aging star. The character she has invented hardly fight against the ravages of time.
She was then in partnership with the Comte de Saint-Germain, alias Richard Anfray. But another man enters his life, with the carelessness of his youth. This is Jean-Luc Lahaye. He is not a singer yet. He served in a restaurant where the singer often just sitting down to deceive his existential boredom. At the end of his service, he sometimes pushes the song. The Venus of Cairo smiled, she allowed herself to soften. “My boss was a friend of Dalida. He brought her a bouquet of flowers every week. One day I accompany him. Dalida welcomes me gently, offers me a tea, then visits me his house in Montmartre and especially the top floor, telling me that eventually he was available for a modest rent. I stayed there several years, and I was very happy, ” confirmed the former child of the DDASS to our colleagues at Télé Loisirs in April, while he was promoting in his autobiography Ranked confidential (Carnets Nord / Editions Montparnasse).
Jean-Luc Lahaye returns more detail about his relationship with Dalida in Ranked confidential . And loose a terrible secret, so far ignored: “At that time I cling to my dream of becoming a singer, I practice high dose sport. I sometimes do karate courses in the Alps, barefoot in the snow, in March. I think that’s my way of preserving myself from addictions of any kind. I share with Dalida the obsession with the body. I want to stay light, make me vomit as soon as I eat too much. I became an expert on the subject, I learned to vomit on a simple air call after every meal by even choosing the foods I want to keep. ”
It continues with a disconcerting lightness: “Dalida asks me to show him the technique. She is fighting to stay slim, has reference clothes that indicate if she has grown. She is obsessed with her physique. As I hear coughing and spitting in her room, I finally teach him the right way. I mass it, make it make breathing movements, stretching, she loves it. She learns quickly. ”
Become a successful singer, Jean-Luc Lahaye learn the suicide of the singer on the radio, on 3 May 1987. It will come to pray over his deathbed and attend his burial in the cemetery of Montmartre. Remembering those terrible words she whispered to him when he was concerned to see sad: “You know, Jean-Luc, I’m a melancholy singer, I smile in my melancholy. “