Dalida: her nephew sharing touching memories

Entertainment 12 January, 2017

Luigi Gigliotti, the son of the elder brother of Dalida, confided in his childhood to the side of the singer. He told Paris Match that she was like a mother to him.
Yesterday, the son of Orlando (who is not the Orlando we know, actually called Bruno, but the real Orlando, big brother of Dalida and Bruno called Orlando) came back on his best Moments with Dalida. Indeed, Luigi Gigliotti (50 years) has always been very close to his aunt. A woman who has never had a child but cherished it as a son. Thirty years after the tragedy, and eight years after the publication of his book My aunt, he tells Paris Match how she loved and transmitted his love of music.
Born in 1967, after the first attempt of suicide Dalida, Luigi immediately pampered by the singer. She takes him under his wing and does not leave him of a sole. ” My sister, because she never had children, had the best reason in the world to devote her deep affection. And this adoration, she continues to wear it today, watching over him, from where it is located, was all the more peculiar and special Luigi arrived in our family to one of the saddest moments and even despair of our existence. ” moreover explained Bruno in this book. Luigi then becomes the child she never had. It is like a light for those around him and even bears the name of the lover committed suicide Dalida , Luigi Tenco.
Thus, from childhood, Luigi Gigliotti follows the singer as her shadow. ” At 3 years I followed her everywhere and I never séparais me the little red snap disk where I put the 45-laps of my favorite singer Darla dirladada his 1970 tube ” , he confides to Paris Match . The beautiful artist is then filled, happy and behaves like a guardian with him, she is gentle, disguises as Santa Claus to perpetrate the magic of winter but also knows how to impose its limits. homework. ” She told me he had to work. That it is our knowledge, our culture that make us interesting. She herself had sought to learn. “He told reporters.
A figure of which he will be proud because she has taught him everything and still haunts her mind. But difficult to forget the day of the tragedy . On May 3, 1987 Dalida leaves this world and Luigi learns to fly with his own wings.