Dalida: Nadia Fares why she was away from the biopic?

Entertainment 2 December, 2016

Nadia Fares seemed thrilled at the idea of ​​slipping under the guise of the famous Dalida time of a movie. His dream finally fell into the water as explained by the director of the biopic, Lisa Azuelos.

nadia-faresFor years that a biopic of Dalida of talk behind the scenes of the 7th art. In 2011 already, the film’s producers announced with pride that the actress Nadia Fares ( The Crimson Rivers ) interpret the role of the famous singer on the big screen. He was so matter of following the path of the diva, the streets of his hometown of Cairo, those of Paris where his albums have sold millions. Less than two months before the theatrical release of the feature as expected, the director of the project, Lisa Azuelos, yet has created the surprise by announcing the site PurePeople Nadia Fares ultimately longer part of the adventure.
What has it been happening? In 2012 again, Nadia Fares, delighted by the project confided to TV Mag : ” This [biopic] will be the movie of my life! “. Four years later, the actress is seen replaced by Sveva Alviti , an Italian model without any feature film at the counter. To understand how the project was able to escape Nadia Fares, one must turn to the director of the film. ” Nadia Fares was the project of Dalida and me to be the director says Lisa Azuelos to PurePeople . We did not hear, so I gave him the project because it had the rights to Orlando ( the brother of Dalida ) and she worked with him. ”
For a time, the filmmaker abandons the biopic given the impossibility of working with Nadia Fares. In the lead actress, now head of the project, following the adventures yet does not go as planned. ” For three and a half years , says Lisa Azuelos, she struggled, found no director, failed to set up the project .” After a while Orlando gets impatient. He eventually withdraw the draft Nadia Fares. “Dalida was orphaned , concludes Lisa Azuelos, and there, we came back for me .” The last full circle, the filmmaker gets the biopic on hand. She quickly turns his sights on the young Sveva Alviti. Then follow Vincent Perez, Jean-Paul Rouve, Patrick Timsit and Nicolas Duvauchel. The film , he be released on 11 January.