Dalida: revelations about his love story with François Mitterrand

Entertainment 9 January, 2017

Dalida remains, thirty years after his death, a mystery for many of his fans. While a movie comes out this week on the life of Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti real name, Dalida directed by Lisa Azuelos, return to one of its best kept secrets: her romance with François Mitterrand.
Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti, Dalida said, will forever remain in the history of the French variety for its tubes Lyrics … Lyrics, or Gigi Amoroso. A biopic released in theaters this Wednesday, January 11, Dalida, directed by Lisa Azuelos . If there was much talk of the latest health seed of the leading actress of the film, Sveva Alviti, which goes from much better , it’s time to consider one of the best kept secrets of the life of the legendary a singer.
In a book published in 2007, one Dalida called his little sister, Jacqueline Pitchal reveals her relationship with a man who had not turned 18, a married man, a powerful man, former president , François Mitterrand.
Jacqueline Pitchal reveals at the time to our colleagues of Paris Match the content of a conversation dating from 1979 between the singer, herself and her husband, Guy.
“She confesses an idyll with an exciting, admirable man. He married very young, his position does not allow him to divorce, but his couple is free … His name is François. ”
Confidante Dalida says the singer is ” exhilarated, obviously in love, evasive .” After several weeks, and intrigued by the identity of her courtier, Jacqueline Pitchal would then have set foot in the dish. She describes the scene as follows:
“Your Francois, he does not carry in his heart the blue-white-red cockade, by chance? – Hush! She said, lowering in a tone, for fear that our clerk might hear. We must not tell anyone. ”
The relationship is established. According to Jacqueline, ” for years the political environment, it is an open secret for a long time.”
“Galant, he often brings her roses. Very mischievous, he is happy as a schoolboy who plays truant … Good living, it takes a crazy pleasure to come incognito, headed, when the time demands, a cap. Still doubtful of his appearance, he often asks: “How are you? “It touched Dali (Editor’s note: the nickname Jacqueline always gives Dalida). Subjugated, she immerses herself in her works. ”
There’s no doubt, ” For her it was a fine and true romance.”
The idyll of Dalida lasts a few years. The singer lives in real Groopie victory of François Mitterrand faced Valéry Giscard d’Estaing in 1981. The two lovebirds are regularly, so that work is undertaken at the request of the president just elected near the home of Dalida.
“The workers set up lampposts. Order of the secret services … They fear that the president is ambushed. ”
The relationship settles too. This begins to be known, and this hinders the Elysee. Francois Mitterrand can not justify such a relation, and other politicians mock him or make him advances. Then the president sent him a letter while the singer was to go on the set of “The hour of truth”. Mitterrand feared that this secret would be disclosed live on television. This will not be the case. Dalida will never say anything publicly.
According to Jacqueline Pitchal, the power separated them, but there was a lot of love between her and him.
“She certainly expected it, but that did not prevent her from keeping a great wound from this connection. ”
The singer flew before the end of the first term of Francois Mitterrand in 1987 at the age of 54, keeping it in his wounds and secrets.