DALS: Karine Ferri, Laurent Maistret … The candidates present on the tour!

Entertainment 23 December, 2016

It will swing!
Adventure Dancing with the Stars is not yet actually completed for some candidates of the 7th edition.
From the 7th of January, many professional dancers and celebrities leave on the roads of France to deliver an exceptional performance to the public who will come to applaud them.
After Sylvie Tellier , Florent Mothe, Maistret Lawrence Olivier Dion and Tonya Kinzinger , new figures were announced. As TF1 unveiled in a press release, the beautiful Karine Ferri , final quarter-arrival of Dancing with the Stars 7 , regain its Yann-Alrick Morteuil partner for the tour. Christian Millette will also have the pleasure of sharing the stage with his partner of this edition Valérie Damidot .