Damso puts Sofiane and SCH to fine with his album Ipseite

Entertainment 23 May, 2017

While Ipseite, Damso’s new album, was released 3 weeks ago, it continues to sell like hotcakes.
But how far will he go? 3 weeks ago, Damso unveiled Ipséité, an album that we liked pretty much at melty. After two weeks of commercialization, which saw the second opus of the career of the Belgian rapper to sell en masse, it was thought that his success would be a little run down, and that he was going to be surpassed by the albums of SCH and Sofiane , Which have gone out in the meantime. And no, not at all: 3 weeks after the release of Ipséité, the author of “J respect R” happens to do better than his companions of rap game. The proof below, with this post Instagram relayed by the one who put his foot in the stirrup, Booba.
As you can see above, 3 weeks after its release, Ipseite de Damso sold 21,752 copies , while Sofiane’s Bandit Salete sold only 20,151 copies during the same week That it was his first week of shelving ), and Deo Favente of SCH to 11 689 copies the same week, after two weeks of shelving. A good performance on the part of the protégé of Booba, who has just sent the pike of the century to Didier Deschamps after the title of Karim Benzema with Real Madrid. What do you think of Ipséité, Damso’s new album?