Damso returns, he scales a new surprise title for his fans

Entertainment 20 January, 2017

Damso is back stronger than ever with a brand new title. You are told more about this pretty surprise.
The one that had been discreet lately has just come back strong on social networks with a brand new title unpublished. Just like Booba ft. Siboy on the new Mula title , Damso regaled the canvas by posting a new sound . Surprise you said? Before you swing that, we quickly explained the night of crazy lived on Twitter. A little back … Everything started from a surfer who tweeted: “Damso he sleeps too much he needs to sound his sounds ????” It was not necessary to say more to heat the principal interested who directly answered: “Tonight I leave a sound.” These 6 words were enough to raise the pressure in two movements three movements. At the same time, it is impossible to go to bed quiet when you just read it.
Thirty minutes later, the returning member 92i on Twitter by posting a video accompanied by the caption: “Call it what you want .” Even if we did not have the right to precise, we can feast our ears with a piece (or freestyle) worthy of the name . Internet users seem rather hot since the name of the artist is still in TT at the time of writing the article (17h00 for latecomers.) Now we can only believe Booba when he said a little earlier in La Sauce on OKLM that his protégé was preparing an album and that it would be very very heavy. You can not wait to hear that. Fortunately, the return on stage of Lacrim can make you wait quiet. An opinion on this new sound?