Damso: We listened to Ipseite, here is our review of the album!

Entertainment 29 April, 2017

Damso impresses. Less than a year after redefining the cartography of “rap in French” with Batterie Feible, the Belgian MC of the 92i unveiled Ipséité. And here is our review of this new album!
It was discovered on Nero Nemesis of Booba. He marked our minds and ears on Low Battery. He is Damso aka Dem’s for the “Vietisés” . Unknown again two years ago, the interpreter of Autotune is putting everyone in agreement with his new album baptized Ipseite . This new Belgian opus was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated projects of the first half of 2017. And even if it has leaked a few days ago, the album of Damso should arouse a real enthusiasm in the ferries . Melty listened to the album in a loop for 24 hours before delivering his impressions.
“I’ve got a golden record, but that’s because of the stream so jealous wrote hostile tweets.” Behind me, they talk, today big contract, I sign ” with Ipséité, Damso does not only swing his second solo in less ‘a year. With this new generation “West Side” , Damso has succeeded in imposing even trivialization . In a hundred years, he will probably say of the one who reveals himself in half in A. Nwaar Is The New Black , the first piece of his album, that it was a veritable enigma. Wave in interview, Dem’s proves to us from the beginning of its new opus that it overcomes its contemporaries. When it comes to switching from the brain to the Blackberry Curve and the smartphone to the microphone, the rapper of the 92i impresses.
At a time when the righteousness of minds is increasingly felt in the artistic milieu, few MCs “dare” yet to manipulate the concepts of freedom, equality or even identity. But Damso goes there with his bare hands or with the “knife” . The taboos? He digs them out with shovels and completes them without respite . Frank and natural in front of the microphone , the one that was validated by Niro assumes: “They ask why I make the dirty nigger, as if I had the choice to do something else . The world is hypocritical? Damso nuance: “To be honest, I do not know how to do otherwise My hatred did not heal, the music,
While several artists perspire for months before laying 2/3 drinking rhymes, Damso enchains them like a round of merry-go-rounds. “I’m in the mood to finish at the Louvre because when I open it, I paint with the words” . How to recover from a sentence like this? The French language allows us to juggle with pretty combinations, Damso has probably a limited vocabulary, a bit like all of us finally. Yet, the interpreter of E.Signaler chose his words with the precision of a Leo Messi in front of the goal . As Youssoupha would say, Damso “uses the words of everybody to make them feel like no one else” . At each of his punchlines, one says to himself: “wesh, why I do not ‘
In addition to juggling words as he pleases, Damso multiplies the references well felt in these writings. His anxious and almost nonchalant rap is halfway between ego-trip and awareness. “I am a lung in a smokehouse, I breathe the good but there is only evil all around,” he says in the first bars of Z. Kietu. Before swinging: “my dreams at hand but I can not hold out my arm.” And yet, it is difficult to rely on its neurotic punchlines to decipher the work of this genius stamped 92i. “Nwaar” , the prose of Damso reminds us that of Disiz La Peste (in its beginnings) or, Booba (Lunatic time with Ali) .
But the music without makeup of the one who claims to have listened to more than 5000 prods before laying Ipséité is not “understandable” for the first comer. In the midst of her tales of hardcore sexual intercourse and vulgarities balanced at high speed, style figures and metaphors are crowded together in the greatest calm . “Sperm in the eyes, has love blinded her?” In the powerful H. Gova or, “I have seen the daron less often than a crossing sun, earth and moon”. Yes, the punchlines have become obsolete with Damso. One can speak of a punchalbum because, with the pieces of Ipséité (which you can shopper by here ), Rhymes and phonetic symbols squeeze tires, accelerate in the highway of perfection, before downshifting, where nobody felt them coming. And this is without a doubt the power of Ipséité, one of the best French rap albums in 2017.