Dance with the stars: Jean-Marc Genereux, his wonderful message of love to his handicapped daughter, Francesca

Entertainment 13 January, 2017

We buy his ” I buy “! Jean-Marc Genereux, the charismatic vowed Dancing with the Stars (TF1), on tour throughout France, posted on his Instagram account a sublime declaration of love for his daughter Francesca.
” I was lucky that French reserve me a beautiful welcome. I wanted to reveal myself, much as it opens to the other to go further in a budding relationship , “confided to the charismatic sworn Dancing with the Stars (TF1) with the release of his book Dancing with Hope Published by Michel Lafon in 2011. In this book, he has hidden nothing from his joys and torments, his love affairs, his wife France, his son Jean-Francis and Francesca, Of Rett, a rare and degenerative genetic disease that deprives her of speech and of walking.
” The first years of her life, she grew up normally and then in a few months, we have seen losing one by one its capabilities. Today my daughter at 15, then confided Jean-Marc Généreux , and physical skills of a child nine months . Jean-Marc Généreux and his wife France, met when he was nine, are facing. But every separation from his own remains always a tear for the magnificent juror.
While the show Dancing with the Stars lunged for a tour throughout France , Jean-Marc Généreux sent a sublime message to his younger daughter who today celebrates eighteen years. ” Today, 18 years ago … our little sweetheart Francesca, filled us with happiness and our family uplifted by his arrival in our lives. Happy birthday my love … I think of you , “wrote the choreographer. Happy birthday Francesca!