Dance with the stars: Why Loic Nottet will not participate in the tour?

Entertainment 10 January, 2017

While the kickoff of the fourth round of Dancing with the Stars was given this weekend in Nantes, Loïc Nottet, winner of the 6 th edition of the program will not be part of the cast members include Sylvie Tellier, Alizee or Laurent Maistret. The young singer of 20 years preferring to fine-tune his new album whose release is scheduled for next spring.

There are those whose career is on standby and for whom the tour DALS comes at a Alizee and Priscilla Betti head  ; those for whom the tour is an opportunity to check the dates and more into an already busy schedule (Sylvie Tellier , Karine Ferri, Valerie Damidot, Florent Mothe) and those who simply can not be added to this adventure in 21 dates must Until March, to move the dancing magic of TF1 in the provinces and in Belgium.
And this is the case-then the date arrives Brussels (13 January) – child of the plain, Loïc Nottet first Belgian candidate’s history Dancing with the stars and winner of the sixth season Competition. The singer aged 20, who had completely ignited the Belgian scene Forest National last year, is, in fact, too busy working on his personal album scheduled for spring 2017 and the accompanying tour.
For it is urgent for the ” Billy Elliot Charleroi ” does not wish to become a participant of TV shows in itself. No, his artist’s soul commands him to create to let know that his universe exists. Because the singer knows, there is a place to be taken and a public to conquer beyond the dance floors.
A public which moreover has already recognized his talent by classifying the 4 th place at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015. Her tube Rhythm Inside had ignited the 197 million viewers that brings together the event. This will be followed by a golden record in Belgium and Sweden and a place in fifteen national rankings in various European countries.
So maximum concentration for Loïc Nottet to now few weeks of the release of his first album. The singer who notably as manager, Dimitri Borrey, who handles the career of one of the most famous in the world today Belgian, the singer Stromae. It can help!