Dances with stars- Carolina Receiver is it so odious behind the scenes of the show?

Entertainment 21 November, 2016

Also competing in the competition, Caroline Receiver seems to target victory in Dancing with the Stars. This earned him a lot of jealousy and feuds behind the scenes of the show TF1.

caroline-receveurAfter the eliminations of Julien Lepers , Sylvie Tellier , Olivier Minne and Kamel the Magician , the competition tightens in Dancing with the Stars . Before Saturday’s bonus, they are only seven in competition and competition is growing rough. The issue is important as a win in the issuance of TF1 offers a very extensive media coverage and can revive any career. Therefore, tensions may arise and certain candidates crystallize. This is the case of Caroline Receveur this week.
According to our colleagues Here, the behavior of the young woman seems to annoy . A production member says that ” frankly, we can not say whether good comrade ” or that ” she misbehaves .” The blogger, former candidate of Secret Story , seems to have integrated the spirit of troop own to Dancing with the Stars . She did not say hello and would not discuss with other candidates or dancers.
According to the same source, Caroline Receveur would put his ego above all . She ” behaves as if she felt over the lot! ” Says one, and disappears as soon as the show ended on Saturday . No one mentions the other hand the personal problems of the young woman to explain her attitude. She just separating from her partner Valentin Lucas , with whom she shared life for four years.